Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Best Friend is Like a Comfy Pillow

"Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend."  ~Bill Watterson

My best friend in all the world is Esther.  We give each other courage and have shared many first experiences together such as our first plane ride, skiing (bunny hills), creating and selling crafts, worked together (she had the car), cried together when we lost our parents, all of it.  Time may pass before we see or talk to each other---but when we come together, it is as if no time passed.  We feel comfortable being our authentic selves---no judgements just listening and accepting.  

When it came time to craft a gift for her, this comfy pillow came to mind.  I made it from linen and vintage fabric.  The vintage fabric had cute cowboys and cowgirls which inspired the front photo of a dog on a horseshoe (she loves Asta from the Thin Man movies).

The pillow came together perfectly and she loved it.  I loved making it too.  Maybe, making pillows will be my new forte;)

Vintage Prairie Pillow (front) - Photo by Marisa Parra

Vintage Prairie Pillow (back)