Leticia Parra

Welcome to our Birthing Angels Craft blog.  We created this blog to sell our crafts, share inspirations and our thoughts.  Inspiration comes to me in the form of books, magazines, quotes, photography, visits to craft and antiques fairs and well as items found in second hand and antique stores (one of my favorite pass times) and anything else that pulls at my heart strings.

Intuition is what I depend on to help guide me in creating my life.  I feel authentically unique and the same time connected to others around me.  I find it curiously amazing, how my creative juice bubbles up inside of me.

Creativity, ideas and imagination have always come easy to me.  I made clothes for my dolls, was fascinated with the Beatles and the whole mod look; as a child, I always imagined myself to be somewhere else, someone else, while playing.  I loved fashion design but did not go in that direction.

When I grew up, I dedicated my life to earning money at first and to spend it secondly... but as I married and had a beautiful daughter, my interests centered on my family and how to help support them.  My art and creativity was put on the back burner.  At least, I thought is was---until I look back and notice that I used my intuition and creativity on the job.

I now have the time to create crafts while working at a part-time job I love as a Social Media manager for a great mixed-media artist/blogger---Alease Michelle. Please visit her website to support her at www.schoolofcreativebusiness.com. Alease has great tips for creatives trying to make a living at their art.

Earning a living by doing what you love and are passionate about....has always been my dream.   A dream that is about to come true.