Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life is a Strawberry Cake - Birthing Angels Crafts

Youth has no age. - Pablo Picasso

If I were to give you a Birthday cake, it would be as big as a trampoline and as long as a queen's dining table.  I love you dear daughter. -  Mom

My daughter recently celebrated a birthday---so to honor her birth, I created a strawberry cake (her favorite).  We added vintage ballerinas to the top of the cake and I served it on top of the vintage cake stand.  Now that I reflect on that day---the choices I made for the cake, signify the joy and love I feel towards my daughter.  I have danced my way through life with her along my side.  She has inspired me---both as a person and in my creativity, loved me and made my life magical---more than I could have ever imagined.

Although, I could not make the cake as big as a trampoline, it was made with love.  That is why I say that "Life is a Strawberry Cake" because it has the the goodness and the love put into it as I have for my daughter. 


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