Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are You Open?

There is a vintage store that I go to that carries wonderful furniture that has been redone to wonderful shabby chic colors of grey mixed with blue, white, green or pink.  As I was looking around, I was joyfully surprise to find a small basket that contained cute vintage plastic ducks that float on water.  The ducks came in colors of blue, yellow and pink.  Guess which color I chose?
Vintage floating plastic duck - Photo by Marisa Parra
The duck will look great floating in my fountain during the warm weather.



  1. Oh !! lovely duck !!! it remember mine, when I was a little girl !!
    Wish you a sweet week-end Leticia !!

    Hugs and kisses !!

    1. Hello Muriel. I so love the ducky and can not wait to use it:)