Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ringing in the New Year - Birthing Angels Crafts

If it didn’t Bring you Joy,
Just Leave it Behind.
Let’s Ring in the New Year
With Good Things in Mind.
Let Every Bad Memory Go
That Brought Heartache and Pain.
And let’s Turn a New Leaf
With the Smell of New Rain.
Let’s Forget Past Mistakes
Making Amends for This Year.
Sending You These Greetings
To Bring you Hope and Cheer
Happy New Year!
Author Unknown


  1. Hey sister
    I just finished looking at our blog. I loved the New Years poem. I also loved the new header change. Lets make the coming new year even better!
    Mary Helen

  2. Hi Birthing Angels,
    I have enjoyed all your postings for 2011.I am looking forward to your new posting for 20012.My favorite X-Mas craft was the bear and the cat with their trees.I also wanted to know if you would be selling any of your crafts this coming year? Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you Gloria for the wonderful comment. Yes, we have plans to update the blog for selling some of our crafts. We really love working on each and every craft we create.