Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Crow's Eye View - Birthing Angels Crafts

"One crow, sorrow, two crows, joy"- Ashe

I love crows.  Crows are resourceful, resilient and are leaders.  Resourceful:  I've watched crows crack a walnut by dropping it from high in the air to the cement/asphalt below.  Resilient:  I've never seen a flock of crows fly south for the winter.  Leaders:  I have observed small birds follow crows around to eat the crumbs left behind.  

I believe life is a mirror as I have tried to incorporate these same characteristics into my own life ---some with more success than others.

So as a tribute to crows, my sister and I have created two chalkboards in the shape of crows.  Each crow has a strong wood base and the crow can be removed from the base for easy writing.  We have included two pieces of chalk that are tucked into the pink bow (that pink bow gives it a Shabby Chic look---don't you think?)  Each crow is $48 plus shipping.  If you are interested or have questions, send us an email on  We accept Paypal.

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